The Potted Plant Update

Pot Of GoodnessWe are humbled and grateful for the reception of ‘Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space’. We value all the feedback and praise we have received after the release and now we want to give something back by releasing the first content update for ADIOS.

This update is aimed at making the game more accessible to new players as well as offer a deeper experience for our hardcore fans

The Potted Plant contains…

  • An updated camera that greatly improves navigation in asteroid belts.
  • Press L1 to toggle between automatic and manual zoom-levels
  • A new spaceship, configured to better suit inexperienced players
  • Potted plants!
  • Property descriptions for the different spaceships and astronauts on the customization screen
  • Extended your wardrobe by discovering a new set of Mass amplification devices
  • A monolithic mystery!
  • New forms of Life that Rock n’ Roll
  • Improved sound quality
  • Bug fixes
  • Secrets!