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An odyssey through the galaxy where physics-based space-flight and platforming action blend seamlessly together. Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space (ADIOS) is a roguelite spacesim platformer!

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Explore a colorful universe filled with amazing discoveries, alien races, and fashionable hats. Unfortunately, your only company is ZING, a navigation computer with no memory of your whereabouts and a slightly faulty social circuit.

ADIOS is beeing independently created by a team of experienced space travelers.

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4/5 HardcoreGamer
8/10 GameGrin
4/5 DarkStation
9/10 Bagogames
8.3/10 Usa a Potion

Gabe, wake up. Wake up! – Penny Arcade


If you’re a fan of games like Spelunky and FTL: Faster Than Light — roguelikes with a penchant for precariousness and uncertainty — you owe it to yourself to give Amazing Discoveries in Outer Space a shot. It’s an inventive game that skillfully captures the perils and intrigue of space exploration, wrapping it up in an endlessly replayable package. – Hardcore Gamer

The aesthetic is across-the-board beautiful, the designs are unique and intelligent, and the gameplay is remarkably enjoyable. If you’ve ever dreamt of exploring the final frontier, this game is for you. – BagoGames

It’s the sort of game that’s easy to pick up and play when you’ve got a spare twenty minutes to waste, although that ‘twenty minutes’ will often turn into hours upon hours of enjoyable Space exploration. – Use A Potion

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Under Development: Co-Op

We are currently working on adding co-op!

OUT NOW: The Potted Plant Update

Pot Of Goodness

We are humbled and grateful for the reception of ‘Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space’. We value all the feedback and praise we have received after the release and now we want to give something back by releasing the first content update for ADIOS.

This update is aimed at making the game more accessible to new players as well as offer a deeper experience for our hardcore fans

The Potted Plant contains…

  • An updated camera that greatly improves navigation in asteroid belts.
  • Press L1 to toggle between automatic and manual zoom-levels
  • A new spaceship, configured to better suit inexperienced players
  • Potted plants!
  • Property descriptions for the different spaceships and astronauts on the customization screen
  • Extended your wardrobe by discovering a new set of Mass amplification devices
  • A monolithic mystery!
  • New forms of Life that Rock n’ Roll
  • Improved sound quality
  • Bug fixes
  • Secrets!

Listen to the soundtrek

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This is…
Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space!

An untimely reboot of your navigation computer leaves you in search of your home world with limited fuel reserves. So get creative and let gravity be your guide to saving fuel. Also, don’t be afraid to let your legs get some of that much-needed workout as you search for clues to get you closer to home.

Fly your spaceship!
Fly your spaceship!

Explore solar systems!
Solar system

Use your fuel wisely…
Ship trajectory

…to find new worlds!

Explore them!

And blast off!

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Watch gameplay

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